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This compact, travel-friendly case is the ideal “take anywhere” cable-storage and charge solution for Apple Watch. Your Apple Watch cable coils neatly inside, giving easy access to the exact length you need, while storing and protecting the rest of the cable. It fits as comfortably on a desk as it does on a nightstand, and has an adjustable cradle to charge your watch lying flat or upright for the optimal viewing angle. When upright, this prompts the watch to function in NightStand mode, which allows you to use the alarm function while charging.


1. Adjustable cradle enables Apple Watch to be charged while upright or lying flat.

2. Durable materials withstand everyday use and keep cable safe while traveling.

3. Cable channel holds Apple Watch cable securely and firmly in place, keeping surrounding space tidy.

4. Cable management stores the Apple Watch cable and allows easy access to connect cable to plug or wall charger.

5. NightStand mode allows Apple Watch to use alarm function while charging.


One minute, it’s an elegant, stationary charge dock for Apple Watch—designed to complement any desktop or nightstand, and the next, it’s the ultimate, portable charging accessory. The compact, highly durable case holds your Apple Watch cable neatly to protect it when on the move, and is easily slipped into a bag or backpack.


Feed your Apple Watch Charging Cable into the case, winding any excess cable inside for neat storage and protection. The contoured central cradle provides a flush, secure fit for the Magnetic Charging Module, and the required length of cable is easily pulled out to access a wall charger, laptop, or other power source. Securing the cable through the groove directs it toward the power source and holds it firmly when in use, while a cable channel on the underside ensures the base remains steady. The cable groove also helps to store the cable safely inside the stand when traveling.


The compact, durable design lends itself to portability, while minimal, clean lines ensure a seamless fit to any nightstand or desktop. The adjustable cradle brings maximum functionality, with flat and upright viewing angles. NightStand mode allows access to alarm functions, even while charging.

At a Glance:

  • Compact, portable, travel-friendly design
  • Cable management stores excess cable
  • NightStand mode: compatible for alarm use
  • Adjustable cradle for flat/upright viewing angle
  • Durable, co-molded TPU material
  • Cable channel ensures stand sits flat on surface
  • Compatible with 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch
  • Compatible with all watch bands
  • Accommodates Apple Watch Charging Cable up to 2m
  • Weight (without cable): 40g
Package Includes:

  • Travel Stand for Apple Watch (Apple Watch Charging Cable sold separately)

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